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Our offering

At Piscaries, we have realised that fly fishing provides a platform for so many positive outcomes. It enables individuals to discover a calmer and more mindful state, it supports teams coming together in a peaceful outdoor activity, and provides wonderful metaphors to use in offsites and executive coaching. We have been stunned by the impact so far and super excited to show the power and peace for the fly fishing platform to more people.

We provide unique fly fishing experiences at stunning locations to suit every ability and ambition.  Our core product offering revolves around: team offsites, fishing events, and  river coaching. 


Team offsites

Conventional team offsites are broken: sterile meeting rooms, cringe-worthy icebreakers, and uninspiring agendas.  At Piscaries, we offer  single and multi-day intergrated offsites combing fly fishing and coaching in stunning locations across the UK. This is the ideal platform for team building, leadership development programmes, or Board & Executive offsites to develop relationships and solve complex strategic issues. 

Image by Hunter Brumels

Fishing Events

Are you and your clients bored of the same old corporate entertainment? At Piscaries, we offer a range of novel and engaging events. Guests are able to discover or develop  a new skill in beautiful locations across the UK, while still being able to enjoy a fantastic culinary experience with our partner venues and personal chefs. We offer a unique suite of entertainment experiences that will create lasting memories and relationships.


River coaching

Fly fishing offers so much. We know it is the perfect way to reconnect with what matters and gain a new perspective. At Piscaries, we offer bespoke personalised coaching to take your career and fishing to the next level. In our experience, developing a new skill beside the tranquility of the river is a powerful way to accelerate progress along your coaching journey.

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